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How this Retail brand automated store openings with RDash

This case study explores the root causes of issues during new store openings and proposes strategic solutions to create a system that consistently produces high-quality projects.
Retail Case Study
Retail Case Study

Company Overview

An emerging force in the apparel industry, this brand has established its omnichannel footprint. It has a presence across online platforms and 80+ stores spanning 8 cities. Post covid the brand is strategically intensifying its physical presence in tier-1 cities and venturing into tier-2 cities signaling a proactive approach to meet evolving consumer preferences and capitalize on market growth opportunities.






Retail Apparel

The Challenge

There are a lot of challenges that the company faced in rolling out new properties and in refurbishing existing outlets. Listing those problems out as discovered by our customer success team during initial phase of problem understanding and bucketing them under 4 heads: Cost Issues, Quality issues, Visibility/Control issues, Timeline issues.

The Solution

After understanding the problems faced by clients which were adversely affecting quality and leading to cost overrun, various solutions and processes were established for effective management of Projects. The solutions included – Checklist based site surveys, Design management, Rate contracts and many more.

The Results

After Implementing the above solutions, The customer experienced following results in Project costs and performance:

12% Saving in Cost :
3.5% – By means of Dead Rentals, 4% by means of improved Rate Contracts, 2% due to unnecessary manpower & Travel cost, 2.5% Due to avoiding rework.

30% faster execution :
Average delay reduced from 80% to 45% in 3 months and to 15% in 6 months, Drastic cut-down in Pre-construction & planning time.

About RDash

RDash is a cutting-edge construction management platform designed for developers, contractors, and design studios. With RDash, teams can ensure timely project completion while staying within budget.

It facilitates complete workflow automation for all professionals involved in construction and interior projects, fostering collaboration, visibility, and automation.

Retail Case Study
Explore innovative project strategies provided by RDash in our insightful case study.

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