Interested to know how a coworking company reduced its construction costs by 12% ? Read Case Study

How a Coworking company reduced construction cost by 12%

Our client has minimised construction costs by implementing RDash to develop a real-time project control tower for their operations.

Company Overview

The co-work operator has 35 properties across 14 cities with 2 Million+ sqft. rolling stock. It offers managed office service as well as hybrid co-work spaces to its clients.




Gurugram, Haryana


Co-working company

The Challenge

Our client faces challenges such as lack of real-time project progress visibility, leading to payment delays and strained stakeholder relationships. This affects customer communication and delays co-work space handovers, impacting client satisfaction and increasing costs. Without effective budget management, there’s a risk of budget overruns, affecting profitability. Additionally, the absence of a maintenance tracking system results in operational inefficiencies.

The Solution

RDash provides –
  • Enhanced Project Visibility: The platform offers comprehensive project visibility, showcasing each project’s stage and associated deadlines. This empowers the leadership team to oversee site progress seamlessly from their office.
  • Effective Collaboration: The platform facilitates efficient collaboration among team members by providing contextual discussions on design changes, purchase orders, and runtime issues.

And more..

The Results

After implementing the above solutions, the customer experienced the following results in project costs and performance

9% Reduction in overall project expenditure 
3.5% – By means of improved rate contracts, 3% due to unnecessary manpower & Travel cost, 2.5 % Due to avoiding rework.

3.5% Additional Save  

which earlier went in dead rentals.

20% faster execution 

Average delay due to unplanned site issues reduced to 1.5 days, drastic cut-down in pre-construction & planning time, 60% of delay alerts attended by management and action taken.

About RDash

RDash is a cutting-edge construction management platform designed for developers, contractors, and design studios. With RDash, teams can ensure timely project completion while staying within budget.

It facilitates complete workflow automation for all professionals involved in construction and interior projects, fostering collaboration, visibility, and automation.

Explore innovative project strategies provided by RDash in our insightful case study.

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