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Vendor Management

Manage all your suppliers – Contractors, Production workshops and Material suppliers at one place. Establish digital Rate Contracts with them on standard Items, seamlessly give Orders, track them and rate vendor performance.

Your entire vendor ecosystem in one place

Discover & Manage Vendors

Manage All your existing vendors, their documents in one place. Discover best vendors from the industry. Rate vendors and access their feedback & reviews.

Manage Catalogues

Manage vendor wise items catalogue. Use them for quicky creating Scope or orders.

Rate Contracts

Manage vendor wise rate contracts, expiry, renewals & reminders. Compare rates and fetch right rates and vendor for your orders.

Orders Management

Quickly create and release vendor orders from the project scope. Reconcile orders released and invoices received.

Employing RDash results in

100% Visibility

Everything around your projects, drawings, progress and timelines and manpower is available in realtime, at one place, whenever.

Avoid Delays

Squeeze & crash your project timeline by shunting delays due to miscommunication, confusion, pending approvals and rework.

Reduce Cost

Control your project budgets through rate contracts, approvals, change orders and avoiding rework.

Quality Control

Detail site recce, Standard Specs guidelines, Audit & snaglist management enables you to control quality of materials and services at every step.

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