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How does implementation of RDash take place

How does implementation of RDash take place

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One of the major doubts for anyone interested in using RDash for their organisation is – How does the implementation of RDash take place?

At RDash, we firmly believe that a well-executed implementation of our software is key to delivering an exceptional client experience. To achieve this, we have streamlined the entire deployment process and divided it into multiple steps. These steps are designed to assist you and your teams in understanding and effectively utilizing RDash in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Once your complete the purchase procedure and sign up on RDash, a success partner from our deployment team is assigned to your company whose goal is to make your company’s experience with RDash hassle free and successful.

The deployment takes 7 days to 3 weeks from the sign up date and the the subscription starts once the training period is over so that this training and learning period is not counted in your subscription.

During this deployment period ( training, learning, setup), Our success partners keep things simple and efficient, minimising disruptions to your ongoing operations and maximising your productivity.

RDash deployment

The initial deployment

Understand and Plan Together

To begin, Our Sales team sets up your introductory call with the Success partner assigned to you. Before the introductory call itself, the Success partner gathers all the info and pain points of your business discussed with the sales team.

During the introductory call the Success Partner further understand your business, project needs, team structure & availability which helps them create a personalised deployment schedule. This typically takes 7 days to 3 weeks, depending on your organisation’s size. This careful planning ensures the success partner gives a personalised training and support instead of a generic support.

Account Setup & Training

After understanding your requirements more deeply, The Success partner givers a clear overview of RDash’s features and tailor it to your specific requirements. This involves creating credentials, defining user roles, and setting up accounts. The Success Partner develops a process flow chart for your Organisation in collaboration with you along with setting right permissions with roles and responsibilities.

The Success Partner then prepares a training schedule & ensure that everyone in your Organisation hierarchy has an understanding of the software.

Team training sessions are aligned with the Schedule as well as the process flow chart which guarantees that everyone is on the same page and know what they need to do on RDash.

Final Phase: Transition to Active Project Management

In the final phase, we collaborate to explore RDash features, identifying and resolving any doubts. Promptly addressing lingering questions. This enables your team to start creating projects & follow the project management process that was established earlier. The Success Partner is always available to help you in this phase – in creating projects, migrating old projects etc. This results in a smooth transition to of your Team on RDash for active project management.

After deployment

Ongoing Support and Metrics Monitoring

Once the team is proficient in using RDash independently, the Success Partners maintains constant communication to provide product updates and address any team concerns or doubts. As understanding of the product evolves, senior leadership requires a comprehensive overview of key metrics across all projects. The Success Partners develops dashboards to facilitate this, allowing the upper management to monitor all projects from a single location.

Apart from Project metrics, The Success Partner also tracks metrics around adoption & use of Rdash module within your organisation. This clarity aids the leadership and helps keep all members of the organisation aligned with company objectives.

Help centre & Support

A dedicated help center has been deployed by RDash to address all of your issues promptly. At times when you want a quick guide on how to perform an action on RDash, you can easily access the help center and find all your solutions at your fingertips.

A support chat is also available where you can leave a message regarding your doubts and issues. The ticket will be assigned to your respective success partner for easy and quick resolution.

We value your feedbacks & Suggestions!

At RDash, we prioritize feedback as an integral part of our commitment to continuous improvement. If any issue poses a roadblock for the organization, we wholeheartedly welcome all forms of feedback. Each input is taken seriously, as we recognize its significance in shaping our platform’s evolution. Through this collaborative effort, we strive to bring about meaningful changes, introducing new features and updates that align with the evolving needs of our users.

Know more about our deployment process and its impact through this video : 

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